Students are at the heart of all Concord College International partner schools. The aim in each school is to create a caring and supportive environment for the development of all students.

In all CCI schools, achievement is celebrated and harassment of any kind is not tolerated. Independence, maturity and responsibility is encouraged with the expectation that students will behave in a way that promotes understanding and harmony. High standards, hard work and mutual respect are at the centre of all CCI schools.

Student safety and safeguarding is of paramount importance at CCI schools where the aim is to ensure that students feel safe and secure. This is a critical element of any education in both day and boarding schools.

All Concord College International partner schools will have a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy which is in line with local statutory guidance, is reviewed regularly and is in sympathy with the policy at Concord College. All matters related to safeguarding are overseen by a senior member of staff.