Announcement of Head Boy & Girls as SCBS

Announcement of Head Boy & Girls as SCBS

30th September 2020

The positions of Head Girl and Head Boy were created this year at SCBS who will represent the school at major events.

Their role is part of developing leadership skills amongst the student body. These senior students in the school will be supported by their deputies, who in turn may call upon the team of Student Ambassadors to represent the school at a wide variety of events, both in school and externally.

Says Head Boy Max: “I plan to place an opinion box in every teaching building, where students can express their concerns and opinions anonymously.”

Max is always open to new ideas and others’ opinions, which he thinks is crucial for the position of Head Boy. He said that the ability to be a good listener can improve the efficiency of every conversation.

“What matters is not what you have achieved right now, but what kind of attitude you have towards life.”

Head Girl Lilac who is responsible for the school newspaper and already has experience of leadership roles from the Middle School said: “I will try my best and never stop improving myself and the school.”

They are wonderful role models for the whole Concord International family and we wish them every success in their new positions.