Opening Ceremony of Fencing Hall and Huangpu Fencing Base at SCBS

Opening Ceremony of Fencing Hall and Huangpu Fencing Base at SCBS

17th March 2021

The Official launch of the Fencing Hall and the Opening Ceremony of The Fencing Base in Huangpu District was held at SCBS on March 10th 2021. Vice President of Huangpu Education Bureau, Ms. Yan Yang, and Vice President of Huangpu Administration of Sports, Mr. Hong Wu, visited the campus and both gave speeches.

The new hall will provide a more professional training space for fencing at SCBS and access to professional coaches so that more young fencing talents can reach national and international level.

Both guests mentioned, the fencing training at SCBS is not only for the enhancement of athletes’ physical fitness, it is equally important for their holistic development.

During the ceremony, Louis Lu, captain of the SCBS Fencing Team, shared his thoughts on fencing. He first started fencing in Grade 1. By dint of continued training, Louis has become an elite athlete and has won a number of awards.

He said, “Fencing has taught me three ‘abilities’ and one ‘sprit.’ Firstly, it is the ability to anticipate; during the game, you need to anticipate your opponent’s movement in order to react quickly. The second one is the ability to make decisions, because there is no time for you to hesitate in the game, and the result is always very swift within seconds. The third one is the ability to implement; it is crucial to finish the tasks given by our coach. Lastly, I have learned the spirit of courage, to be brave and enjoy the process of fencing regardless of the result.”

Said fellow fencing team-mate Joanne: “I train three times every week, be that at school or at home. When there is no training at school, I run around my neighbourhood. I have learned about different fencing disciplines since I joined the team, and the coach has given us professional and careful instructions. My teammates are also very supportive and friendly.”